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The Yearbook of the Faculty of Education is a scientific methodological journal for scientific publications, academic innovations, scientific and practical pedagogical achievements and other significant scientific formats of lecturers and PhD students, which is published once a year. Its publication continues a long-standing tradition of the Faculty of Education to present significant scientific achievements and outline the scientific image of the academic staff of the Faculty. The publishing activity of the Faculty of Education in 2013-2015 is the publication of the Journal for Educational Science and Art. The Yearbook is its a successor. Since 2016, the publication of the Yearbook has been restored. This edition of the Faculty of Pedagogy has been published regularly for the last 4 years.

       The Yearbook aims to publish the research results of the academic members of the Faculty of Education as well as to stimulate scientific queries and discussions by presenting materials of prominent scholars from the country and abroad in the fields of pedagogy, social sciences and humanities. It strives to present the scientific achievements and development of the academic community of the Faculty of Education at Trakia University, Stara Zagora during the year; promoting new trends, scientific ideas and achievements.

       An important innovation in the publication of the Yearbook is its Application – The Student Almanac. This format implies a clearer, quality connection between the scientific activity and the teaching practice. Thus, it contributes to a higher academic quality of student publications, as well as to a new aspect of the academic education of students. In this sense an important priority of the Yearbook is to attract not only lecturers from other pedagogical faculties in the country but also outstanding students from pedagogical faculties from the country, the Balkan region and other European countries to form a wide international platform for debate and discussions on the current issues of pedagogical science and methodology in various scientific fields, thus helping to build the professional competencies of future teachers. Students’ accomplishments in different academic styles of writing and research projects that reflect the achievements of both independent and teacher-supported collaborative work are presented annually in the Student Almanac.

       The Yearbook is directed to databases for reference. The result is its inclusion in 4 secondary bases. The aim of this project is to prepare and apply for inclusion in the Web of Science and Scopus, thus achieving validation and proof of its quality and scientific value in the educational market.

ISSN 2535-1125  online

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