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Academic Information Center

Welcome to Academic Information Center

The Academic Information Center is the newest information and educational structure of Trakia University. It is a place for learning, communication and exchange of ideas. The combination of clean architectural lines, open spaces and modern furniture gradually make it a preferred place for students, teachers and external users. Whether you’re hosting a Board, Corporate or Association meeting, Workshop or Information Session, the Academic Information Center Meetings & Event Services department can provide you with a variety of meeting and function rooms.

The Academic Information Center houses the Central University Library with all reader service functionalities, as well as rooms of various sizes and purposes that can be used for study, individual or group work, research project workshops and much more.





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Visitor Information

Academic Information Center offers various features and pleasant benefits for all the readers. Learn more about how effectively you can use them to your best advantage and visit us for a tour.

All registered library readers can use the library’s collections on site. For home, textbooks and study aids and documents marked with a yellow label can be borrowed from the free access collections.

We have a computer room. Bringing in your own equipment is allowed after notifying the librarian. There is a Wi-Fi network on the territory of the Academic Information Center.

The library’s collections are developed according to the educational and research of Trakia University profile. Thematic and linguistic diversity helps creating a creative environment for research and learning.

  1. Books – includes books, monographs, educational literature,
    scientific materials of forums
  2. Periodicals and continuing publications – magazines,
    newspapers and continuing publications of
    universities and scientific institutes
  3. Reference books – general and special encyclopedias,
    terminological reference books,
    bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and
    other reference publications.
  4. Bachelor theses and master theses
  5. Dissertations and abstracts of the scientific staff
    of Trakia University
  6. Electronic resources:
  • Data base
  • Digital collections

A scanner is available for users to quickly scan books, articles and other library materials

There are a number of places to park when you visit the Library.

Explore Our Facilities

Reading Rooms
Silent Study Spaces

Silent study spaces include closed reading rooms, computer classrooms, and designated areas within the Library indicated by signage. No talking or conversation is permitted. Silence is required in these spaces at all times.

Group Study Rooms
Collaborative Study Spaces

Collaborative spaces include group study rooms and designated areas within the Library indicated by signage. Speaking softly is allowed in collaborative areas, but not loud talking. Long cellphone conversations should be done outside of the Library.

Silent Study Zones
Zero-Noise Study Spaces

Zero-noise room has been set aside to provide a peaceful oasis for quiet reflection. Absolute silence is required in the zero-noise room. No keyboarding or talking is permitted. Advance reservation is required.

Events & Special Occasions
Meeting & Event Function Room

This room is designed for holding group events. Its capacity is for 80 people. Use is subject to prior reservation